21 September 2007

Shot Of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is something I can get excited about!

I remember a story told about playwright and US Ambassador to Italy, Claire Booth Luce. She became a Roman Catholic late in life and, like may others converted to something new, she seemed to possess limitless enthusiasm and energy about her new faith.

A reporter once spotted her engrossed in deep conversation with the pope.
He crept within earshot, all the while wondering what important issues the ambassador and the pope could be discussing. Finally, he was close enough to hear the pope say to Ms. Luce, "But I already AM a Catholic!"

Only an abundance of enthusiasm could lead someone to try to convert the pope! Yet, is there such a thing as a successful life without enthusiasm?
It is a by-product of a life focused on that which is great and magnificent and beautiful. It is like energy pulsing forth from one who, in a positive way, is obsessed by a greater truth, a more beautiful dream, a more captivating vision.

Enthusiasm attracts people. And enthusiastic people are more likely to realize that beautiful dream which has hold of their heart. Is your enthusiasm showing?

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